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Wire laid in curves
Tailored Wire Placement on Fabric
Recessed laid wireRecessed laid Wire

Tailored Wire Placement

StitchAttatch™ Technology is Automated, Robust, Environmentally friendly, and a very cost-effective solution to lay out wires, fibers and small tubes. Automated Tailored Wire Placement allows a wire to be laid out freely and selectively, which benefits numerous applications in a broad range of industries.

Free Wire Orientation
The wire can be laid out selectively and precisely in Circles, Curves and Arcs, and with any angle of direction, thus providing great design freedom to many applications.

Green Technology
Replacing glue and adhesive with stitched threads is a very environmental friendly alternative. The LayStitch™ Machines machines can work with various virgin and recycled materials, as well as threads and materials made out of natural fibers. Often, less material is used for the product, further improving environmental values and reducing costs.

No tooling
The laid pattern is completely determined by design data prepared for the machine using our special digitizing software.

Smart Apparel a Viable and Cost-Effective Application
StitchAttach™ technology is ideal for integrating various wiring into apparel, for example to connect consumer electronics like MP3 players to earphones, etc. For military applications, robust but precise antennas and sensors can easily be designed and produced. The freedom of wire placement and orientation facilitates innovative designs. Micro-circuitry can even be designed to integrate surface-mount electronic components on fabrics via LayStitch™ technology to create flexible connection paths between components.

Heating Applications
By laying out a heating wire selectively, precise and durable heating functionality can be realized. Heating power is fine tuned by the amount of heating wire laid out within the heated area. Heating Power density may be designed to be varied over the heated area for an even heating as required for best performance. Using high strength wires in combination with creative wire patterns allows for development of very durable products in challenging environments. For safe seat heating temperature specifications, we recommend using ASTM C 1055-03 Standard Guide.

Many Tailored Wire Placement applications in Automotive like heated seats, Heated Panels, various sensor applications etc.
Automotive Tailored Wire Placement applications: Heated seats; Heated panels; Heated Steering wheel; Sensor applications etc.

Special Stitch-Code Software
Our Special Stitch Design Software makes it a breeze to define and optimize the lay pattern and all stitch parameters throughout the design, and then to convert them to machine code. Import your designs from your cad system via DXF, DWG etc. file format.

Stitch-Attached wire on foam
Wire Joined to Foam via StitchAttach™ Method
Stitch-Attached heavy gauge wire on plastic net
Heavy gauge wire on plastic net
Recessed laid out Wire
Insulated Wire Joined via StitchAttach™ Method
Orthopedic Foot Support
Heating example 1
Heating example 2